The final steps of successful completion of a project start with efficient installation of all material procured.

At Di Giovani we take installation seriously as  our team is usually the last one in the rooms before the hotel team takes over and prepares the room for guest occupation.

We oversee installation by having an on-site supervisor coordinating access with the main contractor and the activities of all nominate vendors.

When a specialist installation contractor is required, we oversee their works to ensure proper protection is laid, any contractor snags are identified before accessing the rooms, and all packing materials are properly disposed of.

On larger projects separate installation teams may be required for Art work and decorative lighting installations.


  • Arrange temporary site storage and access routes for deliveries of FF&E and OS&E 
  • Ensure protection is laid on site to ensure protection of fixed joinery before moving of FF&E 
  • Oversee placement of FF&E into guestrooms and public areas
  • Ensure vendors remove waste to appointed location or offsite
  • Snag Furniture installed and arrange for rectification by appropriate vendors
  • Handover guestrooms and public areas installed with FF&E to Client appointed representative
  • Schedule deliveries of OS&E with project team, receive and handover to Hotel Operator
  • Handover attic stock to operator
  • Prepare and Handover final asset register of FF&E 
  • Issue Care certificates, Operations Manuals, Warranty and Vendor listings for FF&E and OS&E 
  • Finalize accounts and provide final reconciliation of Budget